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What to Do if You Are in an Accident

Being involved in a motorcycle crash, whether or not it is your first experience, is both terrifying and confusing. Often, in the wake of an accident, both immediate and in the weeks following, victims and their loved ones are unsure of what course of action to take and how to find justice if the accident was caused by another person.

Being aware of what to do in case of an accident, or if you or a loved one have recently been involved in one, is crucial in both preserving your rights and hope for the future.

At King Law Firm, Ray King, an experienced Austin motorcyclist injury lawyer has dedicated his career to the wellbeing of those injured in crashes. His knowledge and insight can be passed on to you through a free consultation by calling us today at (512) 637-1000. By learning your rights under Texas law, you can give yourself the best chance to recover from a motorcycle crash.

Immediately Following Your Accident

After being involved in a crash, there are several actions that must be taken immediately at the scene of the accident. Motorcyclists who are able to should exchange contact and insurance information with all other parties involved in the crash. Most importantly, seek immediate medical attention. This is both for the sake of your own health, as motorcycle riders often suffer critical injuries in a crash, and your potential future claim. Documenting your injuries and proving that they resulted from the crash is vital to your case.

Gathering Evidence

To prove that your accident was not your fault, thorough and clear evidence must be gathered from the crash. Evidence includes eye witness testimony, photos of the crash site, proof of the injuries suffered and damage to vehicles, police reports, and any video that may have been taken by nearby cameras. Together, this builds a reenactment of the accident that can show how and why the crash occurred.

Proving Fault

Motorcycle crash victims or their family members can file a claim with the insurance provider of the at-fault party. Through negotiations with the insurance representative using evidence and testimony that has been found, fault and the need for compensation can be proved. Not all negotiations work out correctly, but Texas law allows such cases to be moved into court for a trial before judge and jury in order to find proper compensation. While this is less common, it is still probable and the aid of experienced legal representation will be necessary. Legal representation is, in fact, recommended both during negotiations or a court case to have the best chance of success.

Recovering from Your Losses

Motorcyclists injured in a crash can suffer major injuries that require emergency medical care, surgery, rehabilitation, and possibly continued medical care due to disabilities. In turn, these medical issues can cost large amounts of money and the injuries can prevent a victim from being able to work. Monetary compensation from at-fault parties can pay for these losses, allowing a victim to recover to the best of his or her abilities and cope with their losses. Without such aid, victims may never fully recover or possibly worsen, putting more burdens upon themselves and their loved ones.

Experienced Aid throughout Your Recovery

As both an experienced rider and attorney representing the needs of motorcyclists injured due to the actions of others, Austin motorcycle crash attorney Ray King understands the needs of victims after an accident. Attorney King and the entire legal team at King Law Firm are dedicated to the rights of each injured client, providing well-rounded and skilled representation tailored to prove fault and the right to compensation in each individual case. To learn more about your options as a victim, call our offices at (512) 637-1000.

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