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A Texas motorcycle accident can have a devastating effect on your life, but how much of an impact it has is partly dependent on you and the steps you take after the accident. As an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Austin and an avid rider, Ray King recognizes the risks of motorcycle riding and how a serious crash can alter your life. With this in mind, Ray wants to make sure that every rider knows what they can do to make sure they have the financial security to recover and hopefully get back on that bike.

If you’ve suffered injury in a Texas motorcycle crash, you may want to consider doing the following, if you are able:

Call 911 - If you are able, contact paramedics and police yourself. Typically, the person who reports an accident is more likely to get information about the accident, which can be very useful when filing a personal injury claim against the negligent driver or other at-fault party. If you are the loved one of a motorcyclist severely injured in a Texas crash, who cannot contact the authorities, you should do so on their behalf. If you are unsure of how to go about his, contact Ray King at King Law Firm and he would be happy to help.

Seek Immediate Medical Treatment - Starting with paramedics at the scene, make sure you report any and all complaints and injuries so that you get the necessary immediate and follow-up treatment. If the paramedics say you have to go to the hospital, then it is important that you go.

Stick to the Facts, Stick to Police - At the accident scene, make sure you do not discuss the accident or your anger or anything of that nature with anyone at the scene as it may be admissible and potentially used against you in your fight for compensation. Talk to the investigating officer only and do your best to control your temper.

Take Pictures - If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries. These can be used to build your case.

Witnesses - Record the names and contact information of any accident witnesses and provide these to your attorney.

Preserve Evidence - Any property damage may be considered evidence. If your helmet was dented or crushed, your pants or jacket torn apart, your gloves ripped, or your boots damaged, save them.

Tell Your Insurance Company - Insurance companies may have a reputation of being uncooperative, but if you have insurance, you must report the collision. But do not give any official statement, even to your insurance company, without contacting an attorney first. And when you have an attorney, provide the insurance adjuster with their contact information and politely refuse to give any statement.

Consistent Medical Care - Medical records are admissible and necessary when determining how much money you should be awarded for medical care. Make sure you go to the doctor, are honest with your doctor about any prior conditions and be sure to do everything you are advised to do as far as treatment, therapy, and/or follow-up visits.

Keep Track of Wage-Loss - If you are unable to work during your recovery, make sure to keep a record of how much income you’ve lost as a result.

Keep Track of Accident-Related Expenses - Maintain a file of receipts and any other statements that relate to accident expenses, such as medical care, vehicle rentals, etc., and provide this, as well as any other accident-related records to your attorney. The more information they have, the better.

Maintain a Journal - Keep track of the pain and other experiences you’re having as a result of your injuries. You can even video tape your progress so that the daily consequences of your injuries are demonstrated.

Be Reasonable - You have a responsibility to prevent excessive expenses where possible. If you are not reasonable in this respect, the damages you are awarded may be reduced. Trying to get more money looks bad on you and can hurt the outcome of your claim.

Legal Representation - Whether you have been doing everything on this list or not, if you have been involved in a Texas motorcycle crash, "The Motorcycle Attorney," Ray King can help you take the right steps towards the best recovery possible. To find out more about your legal rights and options, call us today at (512) 637-1000.

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